Lough Graney covers approximately 1000 acres, and is 5 km long and 0.5km wide, making it the biggest lake in East Clare after Lough Derg. The lake can be accessed at Flagmount and Caher and is a renowned coarse fishery with excellent stocks of species such as pike, perch, bream, rudd and eel. The lake is also an important area for water-fowl and wading birds including Whooper Swan, Great-crested Grebe, Grey Heron and, in winter, a visiting flock of Greenland white-fronted Geese.

Perched overlooking Lough Graney is the village of Flagmount. Some sources claim that the village derives its English name from the abundance of local flagstones that once paved the main street. The Gaelic name is Leacain an Éadain, which would translate as “the slope of the (hill)brow”

The late 18th century poet Brian Merriman’s poem “The Midnight Court” was inspired here. Merriman, a local hedge-school master, scandalised the establishment at the time with his social and political satire on rural Ireland. A commemorative stone to him has been erected nearby at Bunshoon Bridge between Flagmount and Caher.

Killanena (Cill an Aonaigh) lies on the other side of Lough Graney, 




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